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Drop Shipping Products

Excel (.csv) format:   [Download]

API Ver 1.0

Drop Shipping Products Information (products/shipping.json)
Return Json resource.

Get Products Information

Request parameter:

  • start Product Starting Position, default is 0

  • count Products quantity, default is 40, Max is 200

Returned Data Format:

  • next_pos Next Page Products Starting Position

  • prev_pos Last Page Products Starting Position

  • strong>curr_pos Current Product Starting Position

  • products Products Array

Products Information Attribute

  • id Product ID

  • sku Product Item number

  • catid Catalog ID

  • image Image URL

  • small_image Thumbnail URL

  • name Products Name

  • price Drop shipping price (USD)

  • setof Set of (pcs)

  • size Products Size

  • weight Product Weight (g)

  • is_have In stock or Out of stock (1/0)

  • is_sale Drop Shipping or Not (1/0)

  • is_hotorcommend Hot or Not (1/0)

  • is_ropy Poor Quality or Not (1/0)

  • is_brickle Brickle or Not (1/0)

Get Specified Catalog Products Information

Create Dropshipping Order

1. Login firstly

  Send POST Request to
      username=your username
      password=your password

    returned data:
      info: success message
      errors: errors message

    And also returned one PHPSESSID. It will be needed as Cookie for the following operation.

2. Create Orders

  Send POST Request to
    sku=item sku
    qty=order quantity
    address=shipping address
    notes=notes information
    tracking=1, If want the tracking number, the parameter need to be added.                  
                If not, please don't add the Parameter.

  Returned Data:
    id: Order ID (When you place order successfully)
    errors: If fail to create order, the errors message will be returned.
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